A great event needs reliable partners. We are happy to cooperate with the companies| media listed below!


VDE Renewables is your trusted partner for quality assurance, risk minimization and independent engineering services in the renewable energy sector. A subsidiary of the VDE Group based in Alzenau, Germany, our services include quality testing and certification according to the highest safety, reliability and performance standards, as well as independent engineering and technical due diligence. As a founding member of the IEC standardization body, you can be assured that you have access to the latest knowledge and competence related to industry standards.


Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. is a leading company in the field of power sources knowledge. The company provides comprehensive collection of power sources knowledge tools and services:
• Consulting services
• Battery market research reports
• Battery seminars, trainings, and conferences organizers
• Battery safety training workshop
• Energy storage (Batteries, FC & EV) Weekly newsletter
• Blast mails and PR services
• Daily battery news service
• Battery On-Line web DataBase (batteries, fuel cells, capacitors and more...)
• Cells and batteries purchasing services
• Battery testing and certification services
• Pouch and cylindrical prototyping cell production services



The enterprise tech world is evolving with newer ambitions. While the wings of innovation are spreading to newer skies, the technologists are finding it hard to play catch-up and are making sure they are in tune with the technology juggernaut. CIOCoverage aims to bridge this very gap that exists between the tech-savvy where he rests, in the very heart of it. Awakening a keen insight in you to move along the flow, CIOCoverage works to make the entrepreneurs, versatile to the sturdy technological influences. We specialise in unfurling the latest and the voguish technology, conglomerating even the meticulous details from every arena of technology. We assimilate the most required ways of contemplation to guide our dear readers to make it to the top, briskly. We intend to incubate the technological sorcery and succour our elite readers to espouse the ‘learn-from-peer’ approach, to not only curb the U.S. market but also, create a big difference as an enterprise. 


ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS is a specialist medium for professional electronics from Vogel Communications Group GmbH & Co. KG. The offer includes a bi-weekly trade journal with additional trade fair newspapers and special issues, four online specialist portals, and social media channels as well as several electronics conferences and seminars. The main topics of ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS include hardware development, software development, supply chain management, electronics production, and management.


Energy & Management - Information for better decisions. Factual - Independent - Up-to-date
With a distributed circulation of around 5,500 copies and its up-to-date reports, features, interviews and analyses, the monthly newspaper Energie & Management has been one of the leading trade media in Europe since 1994.
The newspaper's range of topics covers all facets and areas of energy:
• Energy economics and policy
• Energy generation and distribution
• Energy technology and management
• Energy services and utilities
• Decentralized energies
• Renewable energies
• Energy and emissions trading
Every day, around 20 journalists and correspondents throughout Europe work to ensure that Energie & Management, as an independent medium, sets the standard for well-founded and neutral energy industry information in Germany. Around 2,000 subscribers rely on the information for better decisions provided by Energie & Management.