PROGRAMM – April 10, 2019

The tutorials will take place on the first day of the event. In which the basics are passed on to different topics.

8.30 AM – Tutorials

Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
Rene BreitbachRené Breitenbach, BMZ GmbH
René Breitenbach received his degree Master of Science in chemistry from the renowned Swedish University of Uppsala. In addition to research on dye-sensitized solar cells, his scientific work has focused on the synthesis and characterization of novel electrode materials, interfacial investigation, cyclization and post-mortem analysis of lithium-ion cells. He worked in both the Ångström Advanced Battery Center and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since 2017, he has headed development projects at BMZ GmbH as a project manager for lithium-ion batteries for power tool applications.


  • Battery Basics 
  • Structure and functional principals
  • Anode and cathode materials
  • Hazardous potential
  • Correct handling
  • Storage


Tutorial 2:Hochschule Aschaffenburg Logo

Handling of HV-Batteries
Rüdiger Mann, Hochschule Aschaffenburg

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Tutorial 3: 
The Rechargeable Battery Market
Christophé Pillot, AVICENNE Développement

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Tutorial 4:

Advanced Cell Materials
Dr. Kai-Christian Möller, Fraunhofer Battery Alliance

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Tutorial 5:
Lithium Battery Transport by Air
Eva GlimscheEva Glimsche, Lithium-Batterie-Service GbR
My DG career started 1999. Until 2008 I worked for Britannia Airways, Lufthansa Cargo and SAS till I became fully self-employed.
2008 my first trainings started on the shipping of lithium batteries on all transport modes. And since then I´m also responsible for the translation of the English IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations into German.
2014 Juergen Werny and I launched the Lithium-Battery-Service Portal providing checklist articles for every transport variety on all transport modes.


  • Overview on the regulations (ICAO TI / IATA DGR)
  • Special Provisions
  • Packing Instructions
  • State of Charge
  • Marking/Labelling
  • Carriage in Passenger Baggage

10.30 AM – Coffee Break

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11.00 AM – Tutorials

Tutorial 6:TexasInstruments Logo minimiert
Battery Management Systems
Kevin den ToomKevin Den Toom, Texas Instruments, Inc.
Kevin den Toom is an Account Manager at Texas Instruments. He has 5 years experience in industry and a two year experience at Texas Instruments. His expertise in electronic power management includes schematic and layout. He also worked with battery management product line at Texas Instruments .


  • Loads and Balancing
  • Current Scaling
  • Introduction to BQ34110 battery gas gauge
  • Protections for high cell count applications
  • Precise protection and secure authentication
  • Accurate battery gauges and monitoring ICs

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Tutorial 7:

LiB cell and material market trend based on xEV market
Sachiya Inagaki, Yano Research Institue Ltd.

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Tutorial 8: 
Lithium-Ion Battery Raw Materials 101
Simon Moores,

2000px Jülich fz logo minimiertTutorial 9:
All-Solid-State Technology
Martin FinsterbuschDr. Martin Finsterbusch, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Martin Finsterbusch obtained a PhD in Physics and Material Sciences working on solid oxide fuel cells. Translating his knowledge of ceramic synthesis and manufacturing methods as well as electrochemistry, he worked as a post doc in the all-solid-state batteries field. In 2016 he took over the team “all-solid-state battery” where the develops concepts to increase energy and power density as well as scalable synthesis and manufacturing routes in order to enable their commercial application.


  • Ion conduction in solids
  • Solid-electrolytes - classses and properties
  • Ceramic cell fabrication
  • Performance and challenges
  • Applications and outlook

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Tutorial 10:
Worldwide Market Access for Lithium Batteries
Dr Beat KreuterBeat Kreuter, DEKRA Certification B.V.
Beat spent over 20 years of his professional career in Asia, working for various organizations in the testing certification and inspection before returning to Europe 2 years ago. Presently, Beat is responsible for the global business activities in consumer safety for DEKRA. He expertise includes amongst others access and certification for global markets more recently he focus on Internet of things in particular on security and privacy issues for that technology.

1.00 PM – Lunch break

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3.00 PM – Tutorials

Tutorial 11:Shmuel logo
Battery Safety
Leon Samuel ShmuelSamuel De-Leon, Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Ltd.
Shmuel De-Leon, Founder and CEO Shmuel De-Leon Energy for 9 years. Shmuel is a leading international expert in the business of batteries. Prior to founding Shmuel De-Leon Energy, Shmuel held for over 21 years various positions as an energy storage, electronic engineering and quality control team manager. Shmuel holds a BSc. in mechanical engineering from Tel-Aviv University and an MBA in quality control and reliability engineering from the Technion Institute in Haifa as well as an Electronic Technician’s diploma.


  • Safety hazards
  • Safety guidelines
  • Safety equipment
  • Safety Design
  • Safety disposal 
  • Safety standards and testing


Tutorial 12:

Lucas Sturnfield, BMZ USA Inc.

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Tutorial 13: 
Cell Design und Manufacturing
Dr. Stefan Permien, Customcells Itzehoe GmbH

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Tutorial 14:

Lithium Sulfur Technology
Dr. Althues PeterDr. Holger Althues, Fraunhofer-Institut für Werkstoff- und Strahltechnik IWS
Holger Althues studied chemical engineering and received his doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry at the University of Technology Dresden in 2007. Since then he is working at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology in Dresden, Germany. In his position as division manager he administrates various projects in the area of film deposition techniques, electrode processing and energy storage applications. A recent focus is on material and electrode development for high energy lithium sulfur and solid state batteries.


  • Cell chemistry: Main components and conversion mechanisms
  • Cell performance: status and major challenges
  • Trends in scientific literature: new materials and cell concepts
  • Key factors for future cell development
  • Route towards commercialization: cell manufacturing and applications

Tutorial 15:
Klaus Sparn, Umicore AG & Co. KG

5.00 PM Get together

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