APA philosophy: Realize machines that combine the highest quality requirements with economical production through modern technology. This is to be done in trustful cooperation with our customers. It is therefore our primary goal to supply customers with production equipment - especially modern, tailor-made machines - that meet their requirements and thus enable them to produce successfully.


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Batalyse GmbH

Batalyse automates time-consuming data processing work steps for any test device and file structure in R&D, QM and production. Gather, categorize, standardize, analyze and manage your data, process parameters and specimen information, automate your reports and digitize your lab and administration. Refine your battery/fuel-cell/rfb data with Batalyse!


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bdtronic GmbH

bdtronic is one of the world‘s leading machine manufacturers for Dispensing, Impregnation, Heat staking and Plasma Technology. bdtronic provides entire system solutions for assembly and production automation to all renown manufacturers in the automotive, electric and electronics industry, medical technology and renewable energy. bdtronic employs more than 580 people worldwide at its headquarters in Weikersheim, Germany and its subsidiaries in Belgium, India, Italy, Great Britain, the USA, Mexico and China.


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BMZ E-Bike

BMZ E-Bike Store is a store that offers high-quality e-bikes with powerful drive and battery. The store belongs to BMZ Group, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components. At BMZ E-Bike Store you can test ride, buy or rent different models of e-bikes. You can also purchase accessories such as displays, batteries, chargers and pedals. The store offers you personalized service, fast delivery and a free pick-up and drop-off service up to 50 km away. If you are interested in e-cargobikes, you can also book a free test ride from home.


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BMZ Germany GmbH

BMZ Group is a global player in the development and production of cross-industry lithium-ion system solutions. It offers the complete value chain from the cell and the battery to second life and disposal. In addition to supplying markets such as medical, power- & gardentools as well as industrial applications, the BMZ Group sees itself primarily as THE GREEN ENERGY SYSTEM PROVIDER. With the production of home and industrial storage units for photovoltaic systems as well as batteries for electric mobility, BMZ manufactures the heart of the necessary infrastructure for the energy and transport turnaround. In view of the impending climate change and its consequences, the BMZ Group is thus fulfilling its social, economic and ecological responsibility. The Group is headquartered in Germany and has additional production facilities in China, Poland and the USA, as well as subsidiaries in Japan, the UK and France. In addition, there are research and development sites worldwide. More than 2,300 employees work for the BMZ Group.


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FSP Group

FSP Group, a global power supply leader since 1993, champions green energy solutions across multiple sectors. It emphasizes the 3S (Safe, Stable, Saving) concept and corporate social responsibility in striving for sustainable development.


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Giebeler GmbH

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H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller is prepared to help EV manufacturers with the latest adhesive and sealant technology, providing turnkey solutions to improve the reliability and safety of battery packs. On the battery module, we provide solutions for cell to carrier, cell to cold plate, battery and structural bonding of enclosures, fire protection encapsulation, dielectric coatings, thermally conductive, and TIM solutions. For battery packs, we provide resealable, FIP and CIP gaskets, and flame insulation bonding. Similar to the general automotive industry, we offer bonding for body structures, adhesives for powertrain, battery pack/module structural applications.


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Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd.

Competitive price, high quality products, guaranteed by the obtained quality certificates together with decades manufacturing experiences are not the only reasons for the satisfaction of customers worldwide. DMEGC global enthusiastic sales forces are always ready to help customers to find suitable solutions. DMEGC manufactures 18650 and 21700 Lithium-ion battery cells.


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HIOKI was founded in Japan in 1935 and has developed innovative electronic measurement products since. As early as in 1986 HIOKI already introduced the first battery tester and is today developing and producing a wide range of high precision instruments for battery development and quality testing in Japan. HIOKI today, offers an extensive range of ultra precise insulation testers, resistance meters, impedance analyzers, volt meters and of course battery testers. This portfolio supports industry needs from battery R&D to production, quality assurance and maintenance. In addition to battery testing solutions, the HIOKI product range also includes portable multimeters, loggers, data recorders, LCR meters, power analyzers for measuring complete powertrains in e-cars, production measurement technology for battery "giga-factories", and automatic test equipment such as flying probe testers. We are happy to advise you on all products and find the right solution for your requirements.


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IBH Ingenieurbüro Harm Elektrotechnik GmbH

Die IBH Elektrotechnik GmbH ist mit 40 Mitarbeitern und seit mehr als 60 Jahren über die Grenzen Deutschlands hinaus aktiv. Als Ingenieurbüro liegt unser Schwerpunkt besonders in der Beratung und im Vertrieb. Wir liefern Komponenten vom Standardbauteil bis hin zu anwendungsspezifischen Produkten, die wir gemeinsam mit unseren Lieferanten entsprechend dem jeweiligen Anforderungsprofil identifizieren und dem Kunden vorschlagen. Unsere namhaften Lieferanten gehören in ihren jeweiligen Branchen zu den Weltmarktführern. Als eines der wenigen Unternehmen mit Luftfahrtzulassung garantieren wir mit unseren Zertifizierungen nach DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 und EN 9100:2018 höchste Qualitätsansprüche.


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JEOL (Germany) GmbH

As the world's largest supplier of electron optical and analytical systems, JEOL has been an experienced partner for innovative research and development for over 60 years. JEOL expertise accompanies customers from sales, training and application to service. Products and services at the highest level - tailored to individual requirements.


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JOT Automation

JOT Automation provides world-leading production automation and testing solutions for e-mobility, automotive, telecom, renewable energy, consumer and electronics industries.


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Neware Technology Limited

Since 1998, NEWARE has been dedicated to furnishing cutting-edge solutions for Battery Testing System, Formation and Grading System, Environmental Test Chambers, and Automation in support of global enterprises involved in Battery Production, Energy Vehicle Manufacturing, and Energy Storage Battery Production. There were over 400,000 shipping worldwide in the past decade. NEWARE also offers comprehensive system services (NEWARE AI+NEWARE BI) and integrates LIMS, MES and holds certifications from renowned institutions including IEEE, ETL, TUV, CE, SAA, UL, among others.


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Osterrath GmbH & Co. KG

OSTERRATH is your partner for the development and production of precision stamping and tube form products. We implement your idea with our know-how. Our customized stamping and tube form products are „Made in Germany“. Challenge us and benefit from our service which goes far beyond the delivery of the products themselves.


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For several years, RMA has been a leading supplier of innovative and comprehensive solutions for the battery industry. The company offers tailor-made solutions and ready-to-use platforms for the laser welding. RMA conducts tests and research activities based on a comprehensively equipped welding and material laboratory and provides full technological support to its global industrial customers.


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Schütz Kunststofftechnik GmbH

With currently around 60 employees, Schütz Kunststofftechnik GmbH, based in Großwallstadt, Germany, has been offering innovative and economical solutions for technical plastic parts perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers for 40 years.


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Stäubli Robotics is a leading player in robotics around the world, consistently delivering engineering as effective and reliable as our service and support. Stäubli offers a complete range of 4-axis and 6-axis robotic systems, collaborative, autonomously driving mobile robotics and driverless transport systems as well as software to meet the most exacting demands of the market internationally. Stäubli robots combine speed, performance and safety.


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Tata Steel Hille & Müller GmbH

Tata Steel Hille & Müller GmbH is the pioneer in nickel refining technology and produces numerous different types of electrolytically refined cold-rolled strip with different surfaces. The material HILUMIN®, for example, was specially developed for battery applications. HILUMIN® is made from high-purity, specially cast steel. Proven refining and annealing processes ensure high corrosion resistance and best performance for a long battery life.


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VISATRONIC GmbH is located in Mainhausen (Mainflingen district), Hessia, where it employs approximately 70 people. VISATRONIC manufactures complete electronic flat modules according to customer requirements (electronic manufacturing services - EMS). The electronics manufacturer supplies international customers from a wide range of markets, beyond the borders of Europe and as far as Asia. The product quality meets the highest standards, which enables VISATRONIC GmbH to meet the strict certification processes for medical technology applications.


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