ACS Industries

ACS designs and manufacturers unique, critical-to-function components and subassemblies that enable their customers’ larger systems in noble industries. In addition to innovative product design, they deliver custom manufacturing solutions built around reliably maintaining their customers’ critical product characteristics at scale in their factories located in Mexico, China, Romania, and India.

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Alexander Technologies Europe Limited

At Alexander Battery Technologies, we support our global customer base with the design and manufacturing of completly customisable lithium-ion and NiMH battery packs and chargers. From our modern UK manufacturing facility, we conceive and deliver innovative product solutions, delivering each project on-time and on-budget to get our partners quicker to revenue and allow them to focus on the design and manufacture of their own new products. Our customer-centric philosophy and priority status with our key suppliers means we deliver outstanding battery products up to 1kWh together with critical related services such as supply chain resilience and buffer stockprogrammes, end-of-life management and rapid prototyping.

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Alsico High Tech

Alsico High Tech is a producer of reusable cleanroom clothing and ESD clothing. The clothing is applicable in all cleanroom, ISO cleanrooms and dryrooms.

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AMADA WELD TECH is a leading manufacturer of equipment and systems for Laser Welding, Laser Marking, Laser Cutting, Resistance Welding, Hermetic Sealing and Hot Bar Reflow Soldering & Bonding. We design and manufacture industry-leading product families for the global market and customize our products around specific micro-joining applications for all our customers. AMADA WELD TECH product markets include medical devices, battery, automotive, solar industry, electronic components and aerospace. AMADA WELD TECH Europe is headquartered in Germany and has additional production facilities in The Netherlands and UK, as well as sales offices in France, Hungary and Italy. And is part of the worldwide AMADA Group, with about 8.500 employees worldwide.

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APA philosophy: Realize machines that combine the highest quality requirements with economical production through modern technology. This is to be done in trustful cooperation with our customers. It is therefore our primary goal to supply customers with production equipment - especially modern, tailor-made machines - that meet their requirements and thus enable them to produce successfully.

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Asic Robotics AG 

Asic Robotics AG is a leading high tech company in the field of special machine construction and industrial robotics. Assembly, testing, handling and packaging : we build machines to perfectly match the requirements of each individual customer. Their regular international clients depend on their innovative solutions and high quality machine engineering.

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ASPİLSAN Enerji is Europe's first and only cylindrical lithium-ion battery cell manufacturer. ASPİLSAN Enerji, which has a production capacity of 21 million batteries per year with its 42 years of experience, is the perfect solution partner thanks to its ability to make special designs for every project.

Booth: D15


Avantor®, a Fortune 500 company, is a leading global provider of mission-critical products and services to customers in the biopharma, healthcare, education & government, and advanced technologies & applied materials industries. Avantor`s portfolio is used in virtually every stage of the most important research, development and production activities in the industries we serve. The company`s global footprint enables it to serve more than 300,000 customer locations and gives it extensive access to research laboratories and scientists in more than 180 countries. Avantor sets science in motion to create a better world.

Booth: SD-60

Battery Sphere GmbH

Sphere Energy is known as one of the renowned premier battery technology advisory firms. The company's unique blend of technological expertise, software & data proficiency, and experience in navigating complex corporate transformations has earned them an enviable position in the market. Sphere Energy sees its value in bridging the gap between academic R&D and strategic corporate decision-making, all while staying attuned to the latest market trends.

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Batteryuniversity GmbH

Batteryuniversity is a competent partner for testing cells and batteries. Batteryuniversity's laboratory staff have years of expertise, which they use to the benefit of their customers. Batteryuniversity tests and inspects batteries for all safety, transportation and environmental concerns in accordance with regulatory requirements. Regarding its testing services, Batteryuniversity is accredited by DAkkS on testing in the field of batteries on the test method UN ST/SG/AC.10/11/Rev.7, Section 38.3, as well as on the test standards IEC 62133-2:2017/AMD1:2021, IEC 62281:2019/AMD1:2021 and IEC 62619:2022. Furthermore, Batteryuniversity offers basic training for lithium-ion battery technology as well as for battery management systems as an additional service.

Booth: D18

BMZ E-Bike

BMZ E-Bike Store is a store that offers high-quality e-bikes with powerful drive and battery. The store belongs to BMZ Group, one of the leading manufacturers of e-mobility components. At BMZ E-Bike Store you can test ride, buy or rent different models of e-bikes. You can also purchase accessories such as displays, batteries, chargers and pedals. The store offers you personalized service, fast delivery and a free pick-up and drop-off service up to 50 km away. If you are interested in e-cargobikes, you can also book a free test ride from home.

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BMZ Germany GmbH

BMZ Group is a global player in the development and production of cross-industry lithium-ion system solutions. It offers the complete value chain from the cell and the battery to second life and disposal. In addition to supplying markets such as medical, power- & gardentools as well as industrial applications, the BMZ Group sees itself primarily as THE GREEN ENERGY SYSTEM PROVIDER. With the production of home and industrial storage units for photovoltaic systems as well as batteries for electric mobility, BMZ manufactures the heart of the necessary infrastructure for the energy and transport turnaround. In view of the impending climate change and its consequences, the BMZ Group is thus fulfilling its social, economic and ecological responsibility. The Group is headquartered in Germany and has additional production facilities in China, Poland and the USA, as well as subsidiaries in Japan, the UK and France. In addition, there are research and development sites worldwide. More than 2,300 employees work for the BMZ Group.

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burster präzisionsmesstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

burster has been an expert for measurement components over 60 years and offers optimal system solutions in industries such as mechanical and plant engineering, automation, automotive with supplier, e-mobility, electrical engineering and in the electronics and chemical industries. Other options for application can also be found in future markets such as battery measurement technology, medical technology and biotechnology. The portfolio includes measuring and testing devices, transmitter modules, process monitoring devices, milli- and megohmmometers and sensors for mechanical variables such as force, pressure, torque and displacement. A special focus is placed on customer-specific and exclusive OEM solutions with individual features. From the development and production location in Germany, the high-precision measuring systems are delivered to customers all over the world.

Booth: 48

Cambridge Battery Research Limited (CAMBAR)

In the drive towards Net Zero, the world is becoming ever more dependent on rechargeable batteries. The same battery technology which has always supplied power in our mobile phones, laptops and portable power tools is increasingly making its way into much more demanding applications, such as electric vehicles, surveillance drones and even air taxis. In these situations, battery reliability can be mission-critical. Like any product, a battery will degrade over its lifetime. And, as every smartphone user knows, battery performance can decrease rapidly. If undetected, this degradation can eventually involve a catastrophic failure with possible fatal consequences in a mission-critical application. Battery Management Systems (BMS) have been developed to monitor key parameters like state of charge, voltage and operating temperature, and artificial intelligence can forecast how these indicators are likely to change. However, today there is no direct way to observe how much degradation has occurred inside the battery cell itself. CAMBAR was founded to address this problem, by developing systems to see what is really going on inside the battery. Using a high frequency electromagnetic beam, we monitor structural changes taking place inside a cell to derive a unique signature showing its state of health at any time. This new information will allow the BMS to identify batteries requiring immediate attention and provide key data for lifecycle optimisation in battery passports. Working with top research groups and industry partners, CAMBAR is developing inspection systems to provide electric vehicles with periodic battery health checks. These inspection techniques are expected to be incorporated into future intelligent battery management systems, providing real-time battery health data, increasing reliability and safety.

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Delta-Q Technologies Corp.

Delta-Q is a leading manufacturer of advanced battery chargers for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. They are the supplier of choice to many of the world’s leading OEM manufacturers of industrial and recreational electronic vehicles. Their high-frequency battery chargers extend battery life, provide maximum up-time, and reduce total cost of ownership.

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Dexerials Europe B.V.

Dexerials Corporation creates advanced materials for different applications by utilizing its unique set of materials, process solutions, and customized technology. Dexerials Corporation is continuously enhancing its cutting-edge materials and process technologies and is always focused on expanding the usage of these new technologies in other applications until the customer’s vision becomes reality.

Booth: SC-51

Elysia Battery Intelligence from WAE

Elysia is a world-leading battery intelligence software offering from WAE Technologies, designed for the mass automotive, e-mobility and stationary energy storage markets. Drawing on more than a decade of high-performance battery expertise from WAE - which has designed, developed, and manufactured the world’s most advanced batteries - from global electric motorsport programmes to electric hypercars and mining trucks - Elysia brings game-changing insight to the burgeoning global electric vehicle space.

Booth: SD-57

EMS Elektro Metall Schwanenmühle GmbH

EMS Elektro Metal Schwanenmühle GmbH, located near Kaiserslautern, develops and manufactures electrical connection technology, such as flexible battery connectors, reliably and to measure! Complex tasks are solved by EMS in close cooperation with the customers, projects are systematically developed and efficiently implemented. The optimization of functionality is just as important as the consideration of infrastructural, production and economic aspects. The result is individual conductor rail solutions with a focus on cost-effectiveness that meet the customer's requirements down to the last detail. This makes EMS the first choice for its customers when it comes to reliability, quality and sustainability.

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Erwin Quarder Systemtechnik GmbH

The Erwin Quarder Group is an international, medium-sized family business since 1971 and focuses on sensors, hybrid plastic components and e-mobility for the automotive industry. With its business units Development, Production, Automation and Toolmaking, it covers the entire value chain for highly qualified products from the combination of technology and plastics for globally active customers. From the idea to series production - everything from a single source. At the Battery Experts Forum, the Erwin Quarder Group will introduce an innovative hybrid joining technology of metal and plastic, which is helium-tight and long-term stable, and thus can be used for cost-effective high-performance cold plates.

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etatronix GmbH

Founded in 2014, etatronix designs and manufactures power- and battery management solutions for demanding applications. Core competencies include inductive power transmission, AC/DC, DC/DC, DC/AC power conversion, battery charging, battery management systems (BMS) and batteries (LiIon, LiFePO, NiMH). As a turnkey solution provider etatronix offers services from design over certification to series production covering the complete product lifecycle. Many years of project experience and specialized know-how help to shorten the development time from the idea to the delivery of a finished product. Numerous well-known companies from medical, industrial and instrumentation sectors rely etatronix’s expertise and reliability.

Booth: SB-32

Exitcom Recycling

Exitcom Recycling is a WEEE (Recycling - Reuse - Data Destruction) and battery recycling and raw material producing company established in 1999 in Hannover/Germany and in 2003 in Kocaeli/Turkiye. Its Battery Recycling facility was established in 2015 and hereby Exitcom has developed its domestic production technologies with high recovery rates for its mechanical and hydrometallurgical treatment methods. With its recycling solutions for primary batteries (alkaline zinc-carbon, lithium primary) as well as for secondary batteries (all kinds of lithium-ion from portable to EV and nikel metal hydride) Exitcom Recycling is in the position to be an important actor in the sector. Further Exitcom starts its second life application projects as well as its technology and know-how transfer businesses to spread its experience and deep know-how in the sector.

Booth: SC-47

FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH

Since the discovery of the first plug-in power supply unit in the world, our demanding customers have been able to fully rely on FRIWO for their power supply needs. Since 1971, we have produced well over a billion power supply solutions and this has given us leading technological expertise throughout the whole industry. As an international systems supplier, FRIWO develops and produces digitally controllable power supply units and drive solutions from a single source. The product portfolio includes smart components for electric drives as well as premium technological chargers, battery packs and power packs. All components of a modern electric drive are also provided: from the display, motor control unit and drive unit to the control software.

Booth: D22 + D23

FSP Group

FSP Group, a global power supply leader since 1993, champions green energy solutions across multiple sectors. It emphasizes the 3S (Safe, Stable, Saving) concept and corporate social responsibility in striving for sustainable development.

Booth: D19


FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION GmbH has been active in the European market since 1991 and is a leading international machine supplier for SMD & THT technology. As a group, FUJI CORPORATION has many years of experience in the field of electronic pick and place machines and robotic solutions. FUJI covers all requirements for modern production with the help of automated feeder and material management as well as maintenance.

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Giebeler GmbH

Präzisionswerkzeuge und Kunststofftechnik The Synergy of Tooling and Plastics Werkzeugherstellung - Serienteileproduktion - Werkzeugservice

Booth: SB-41

Graco Inc.

For years Graco has been an expert in fluid handling equipment. With customer and innovation centers worldwide, we have been at the forefront of the research & development of various application solutions in industries like eMobility. Their expertise in core dispense technologies, including supply pumps, metering systems, and dispense valves helps improve operational efficiency, product quality, and material application for their customers. Whether you are looking to tackle application challenges or need help optimizing your battery assembly processes, Graco´s team of engineers and application specialists will work together with you and material suppliers to find the right solution for your application.

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Sponsor level: BRONZE

H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller is prepared to help EV manufacturers with the latest adhesive and sealant technology, providing turnkey solutions to improve the reliability and safety of battery packs. On the battery module, we provide solutions for cell to carrier, cell to cold plate, battery and structural bonding of enclosures, fire protection encapsulation, dielectric coatings, thermally conductive, and TIM solutions. For battery packs, we provide resealable, FIP and CIP gaskets, and flame insulation bonding. Similar to the general automotive industry, we offer bonding for body structures, adhesives for powertrain, battery pack/module structural applications.

Booth: D14

Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co., Ltd.

Competitive price, high quality products, guaranteed by the obtained quality certificates together with decades manufacturing experiences are not the only reasons for the satisfaction of customers worldwide. DMEGC global enthusiastic sales forces are always ready to help customers to find suitable solutions. DMEGC manufactures 18650 and 21700 Lithium-ion battery cells.

Booth: SA-27

Sponsor level: GOLD

HGPower GmbH

HGPower has been providing power supplies, charging and battery technology for over 30 years. The company specializes in the development and manufacture of power supplies and charging systems. HGPower GmbH acts as a technical project and sales partner. In doing so, HGPower GmbH provides support from project planning and specification through development and production to logistics and auditing. Customized OEM solutions are realized through certified processes and automated manufacturing with a strong and reliable manufacturer. HGPower produces with about 400 employees and a modern machinery on western level. The manufacturing is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949. Since 2019 HGPower GmbH is B2B distributor of EcoFlow, the leading manufacturer of power stations and energy solutions.

Booth: SC-52


HIOKI was founded in Japan in 1935 and has developed innovative electronic measurement products since. As early as in 1986 HIOKI already introduced the first battery tester and is today developing and producing a wide range of high precision instruments for battery development and quality testing in Japan. HIOKI today, offers an extensive range of ultra precise insulation testers, resistance meters, impedance analyzers, volt meters and of course battery testers. This portfolio supports industry needs from battery R&D to production, quality assurance and maintenance. In addition to battery testing solutions, the HIOKI product range also includes portable multimeters, loggers, data recorders, LCR meters, power analyzers for measuring complete powertrains in e-cars, production measurement technology for battery "giga-factories", and automatic test equipment such as flying probe testers. We are happy to advise you on all products and find the right solution for your requirements.

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Infineon Technologies AG

A leader in power systems Infineon is the clear no.1 in power semiconductors and a leading power systems innovator. Their silicon-, silicon-carbide-, and gallium-nitride-based power, driver, microcontroller, and software solutions are essential to take energy efficiency and green power to the next level. A leader in IoT Infineon is a leading one-stop technology partner for smart, energy efficient, and secure IoT solutions. Their sensors, microcontrollers, and communication devices combined with security technologies and related software are indispensable in bringing the industrial and consumer IoT to life.

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IONETIC provides customised, cost-effective battery pack solutions, specifically targeted at niche vehicle manufacturers like sports cars, luxury vehicles, off-highway, and buses. We can reduce the development cost of an entire battery pack programme by up to 90% and reduce the cost of the battery pack up to 30%. We do this by designing, testing, and manufacturing battery packs using our advanced battery pack architecture.

Booth: SC-54

JEOL (Germany) GmbH

As the world's largest supplier of electron optical and analytical systems, JEOL has been an experienced partner for innovative research and development for over 60 years. JEOL expertise accompanies customers from sales, training and application to service. Products and services at the highest level - tailored to individual requirements.

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JINWO has been specializing in Custom Smart Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Packs and Smart NiMh Battery Packs for 12 years.

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JOT Automation

JOT Automation provides world-leading production automation and testing solutions for e-mobility, automotive, telecom, renewable energy, consumer and electronics industries.

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Sponsor level: BRONZE

KION Battery Systems GmbH

Batteries are the future and they are built by KION As KION Battery Systems - a joint venture between KION GROUP AG and BMZ Holding GmbH - KION produces various types of lithium-ion batteries for industrial trucks in Karlstein am Main (Germany). With precision, high safety standards, and state-of-the-art technology, the batteries assembled at KION Battery Systems are of outstanding quality. And pave the way into an electric-driven, sustainable future.

Booth: D11

Lithium Werks BV

Lithium Werks is a subsidiary of Reliance and is a fast-growing global lithium-ion battery company with production facilities in China and offices in the USA and the Netherlands. Lithium Werks manufactures a unique high-powered LFP Nanophosphate® cells, custom battery packs, and battery management systems (BMS) into markets such as stationary energy storage & UPS, industrial, commercial marine, medical, aviation/aerospace, and transportation.

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Sponsor level: BRONZE

Monolithic Power Systems

A multinational semiconductor company focusing on high efficient and high density integrated power solutions including DC-DC, BMS and battery chargers. Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) provides small, highly energy efficient, easy-to-use power solutions for systems found in industrial applications, telecom infrastructures, cloud computing, automotive, and consumer applications. MPS' mission is to reduce total energy consumption in our customers' systems and service our customers with green, practical, compact solutions. MPS can be contacted through its website at or its support offices around the world. The company was founded by Michael R. Hsing in 1997 and is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington.

Booth: SC-49

OFFGrid Green Energy AG

OFFGrid Green Energy AG’s mission is simple: Pioneering green energy solutions that transform energy consumption. OFFGrid Green Energy AG is a leading developer and full-service provider of smart energy management systems, sustainable energy storages & renewable energy sources. The companies core focus is to deliver comprehensive off-grid energy solutions that are environmentally friendly, durable and safe. OFFGrid Green Energy AG introducing BlueBox - a self-contained energy storage powered by saltwater electrolyte technology. It contains non-flammable electrolytes and is manufactured without the use of heavy metals or toxic materials - making it a supremely safe and green energy storage solution.

Booth: EB-05

Osterrath GmbH & Co. KG

OSTERRATH is your partner for the development and production of precision stamping and tube form products. We implement your idea with our know-how. Our customized stamping and tube form products are „Made in Germany“. Challenge us and benefit from our service which goes far beyond the delivery of the products themselves.

Booth: SC-43

Sponsor level: BRONZE

Palbox Plastic Container GmbH

for over 50 years, palbox plastics® has been developing and producing plastic load carriers at three locations in the heart of Europe for the agricultural sector and industry. For the field of battery recycling, palbox plastics® offers pallet boxes with ADR certification in which batteries can be transported and stored.

Booth: Start-up-Area

Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH

The Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd. is globally active in the dry battery business that supports everyday convenience and comfort, as well as the B2B business such as industrial and automotive batteries. Panasonic is one of the world‘s largest battery manufacturers with more than 90 years of experience in the production of high-quality industrial batteries. In Europe, the products and services of Panasonic Energy are marketed and distributed through Panasonic Industry Europe.

Booth: D20

rhd instruments

rhd supports researchers around the globe by designing high-quality solutions for the characterization of materials for energy storage devices and other electrochemical applications. The portfolio encompasses setups and laboratory test cells for measuring small sample amounts under precise and fast temperature control. In case of solid samples, also the stack-pressure can be precisely adjusted. In addition, rhd develops a powerful impedance data analysis software. Finally, rhd offers service measurements and trainings on electrochemical methods.

Booth: D24

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

Come meet experts in safety-critical testing of batteries! Tell RISE about your challenges and needs within batteries and let´s see how RISE might help. They will be delighted to guide you and initiate a cooperation. RISE will also gladly tell you about their brand-new and sustainable safety testing, with unique water – and smoke-cleaning systems. They´d also love to talk about why care for the environment is so important in our transition to a fossil-free society. RISE is the Research Institutes of Sweden, an independent and governmentally owned research institute. They collaborate with industry, academia, and the public sector to contribute to innovation, development, and sustainable society.

Booth: D-21


For several years, RMA has been a leading supplier of innovative and comprehensive solutions for the battery industry. The company offers tailor-made solutions and ready-to-use platforms for the laser welding. RMA conducts tests and research activities based on a comprehensively equipped welding and material laboratory and provides full technological support to its global industrial customers.

Booth: D16-17

RRC power solutions GmbH

Leading manufacturer for standard batteries and chargers As a battery manufacturer and developer of reliable mobile power solutions, we provide you key features that will equip your application with a competitive lead in relation to your competitors. Our batteries and chargers are delivered with all the approvals that are required for worldwide market entry. In addition, we ensure you with a guaranteed product availability of over 10 years. It is no coincidence that numerous well-known customers from the medical, military and industrial sectors as well as from the consumer segment rely for so many years on our expertise.

Booth: SB-39

Schütz Kunststofftechnik GmbH

With currently around 60 employees, Schütz Kunststofftechnik GmbH, based in Großwallstadt, Germany, has been offering innovative and economical solutions for technical plastic parts perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers for 40 years.

Booth: F02

Sertec Corporation Ltd

Sertec has over 60 years experience, specialising in the manufacture of complex lightweight body structures and electric vehicle components. Our people, manufacturing processes and expertise provide innovative sustainable engineering solutions that deliver value and reliability for our customers. We are an employer of choice, supplier of choice and customer of choice through commitment to the Sertec brand and values.

Booth: SB-38

Shmuel de Leon

Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd. is a leading company in the field of power sources knowledge. The company provides comprehensive collection of power sources knowledge tools and services: • Consulting services • Market research reports • Energy Storage (Batteries, Fuel cells and EV) seminars and conferences • Battery safety training • Energy storage (Batteries, FC & EV) Weekly newsletter • Energy Sources On-Line web DataBase (batteries, fuel cells, capacitors and more...) • Power sources solutions • Representing Energy Storage testing and research equipment companies in Israel

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Sponsor level: Media Partner

Siemens Industry Software GmbH

Siemens Digital Industries Software is transforming everyday life by giving companies the agility, flexibility and adaptability to turn ideas into innovations with greater efficiency and speed.

Booth: SA-26

Sponsor level: GOLD

SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs

SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH is an integrated service provider for product testing and certification in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz, Germany. In the area of batteries and energy storage, SLG conducts transport tests according to UN 38.3, including test summaries for senders. In addition, safety tests are carried out according to IEC 62133, among others, with the possibility of an IEC CB certification. SLG provides testing services for the system the lithium-ion batteries are part of – chargers, energy storage and consumers and also tests the usability of batteries, including investigations into capacity and cycle stability.

Booth: SD-56


Machine vision is the key to efficient automation. STEMMER IMAGING’s state-of-the-art machine vision solutions can be used in every step of the battery manufacturing process to improve product quality, reduce the error rate, and significantly increase automation efficiency – at full production speed. STEMMER IMAGING makes machine vision easy and accessible. Benefit from an extensive commercial range of products combined with a high level of expertise and value-added services.

Booth: SB-30

TA Instruments

TA Instruments is a global organisation offering advanced characterization techniques for a range of applications. Whether it’s looking at slurry dispersions, electrolyte stability, cell parasitic reactions or interface material conductivity, TA Instruments has a range of solutions to offer the researcher or QC analyst alike.

Booth: SB-33

Tata Steel Hille & Müller GmbH

Tata Steel Hille & Müller GmbH is the pioneer in nickel refining technology and produces numerous different types of electrolytically refined cold-rolled strip with different surfaces. The material HILUMIN®, for example, was specially developed for battery applications. HILUMIN® is made from high-purity, specially cast steel. Proven refining and annealing processes ensure high corrosion resistance and best performance for a long battery life.

Booth: SB-40

teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH

Drawing on many years of experience in advanced manufacturing, teamtechnik is now one of the leading providers of modular, flexible assembly and testing systems. Its strong track record now applies to the stringent demands of battery production: EOL testing and packaging of battery cells, Battery module test and assembly and EOL testing of battery packs. teamtechnik offers standardized assembly and test systems for use in the optical and electrical EOL testing of all cylindrical cell formats. Its solutions can also be used with prismatic cells in all kinds of production processes after formation and aging.

Booth: SA-28

Sponsor level: SILVER


The Pack can supply you with all kinds of packaging solutions for ‘metal’ and ‘ion’ lithium batteries. They have standard sizes of UN certified packaging for lithium batteries that can be used for all modes of transport. Additional to the standard sizes they supply tailor made UN fibreboard boxes, which will be developed and based on your battery sizes, specifications and preferred filling material. The Pack takes care of the whole process of designing, printing, testing and certification of the box, all in close cooperation with the customer.

Booth: SC-55

Tianjin Lishen Battery

Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. (Lishen Battery) is a high-tech enterprise controlled by state-owned company and private shareholders. It was established in 1997 with registered capital of USD 272 million. So far Lishen Battery has grown its annual production capacity up to 15GWh and has maintained the major market share among the global lithium-ion battery industry for years.

Booth: D08

Sponsor level: SILVER

VDE Renewables

The VDE mark is synonymous with safety and quality in electrical devices, components and systems for more than 100 years. More than 100,000 devices per year are subjected to product, quality and safety tests by the VDE Institute’s independent testing engineers before they receive the VDE mark. Around the globe, VDE experts monitor more than 7,000 production facilities. 200,000 types of products with millions of model variants bear the VDE mark worldwide.

Booth: SB-37


VISATRONIC GmbH is located in Mainhausen (Mainflingen district), Hessia, where it employs approximately 70 people. VISATRONIC manufactures complete electronic flat modules according to customer requirements (electronic manufacturing services - EMS). The electronics manufacturer supplies international customers from a wide range of markets, beyond the borders of Europe and as far as Asia. The product quality meets the highest standards, which enables VISATRONIC GmbH to meet the strict certification processes for medical technology applications.

Booth: F07

Vishay Electronic GmbH

Vishay is one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of electronic components. From discrete semiconductors to passive components, from the smallest diode to the most powerful capacitor, their breadth of products constitutes the very foundation that brings modern technology to life, every day, for everyone. It´s called the DNA of tech.®

Booth: SB-42

Sponsor level: BRONZE

Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH

Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH, founded in 1913 and based in Wickede (Ruhr), is the parent company of the Wickeder Group and a specialist in clad materials.

Booth: SD-58


WIRmachenDRUCK GmbH ist the price market leader and one oft the leading online printing companies for digital, offset and large format printing in Europe. As a part of Cimpress, the world market leader in online printing, currently around 550 employees work every day for the highest customer satisfaction. Meanwhile WIRmachenDruck offers over 5 million print variations. The innovative Web2Print solution provides a direct link to the internal ordering system via various interfaces.

Booth: SA-62

Sponsor level: BRONZE

XARION Laser Acoustics GmbH

XARION offers a groundbreaking sensor technology that is completely new on the market. It is their mission to continuously develop this technology for a wide variety of applications such as non-destructive material testing, industrial process control or acoustic measurement technology. In this way, they are making their contribution to improving product and process quality in the global manufacturing industry.

Booth: D10

Zhengzhou BAK Battery Co.Ltd.

- China's leading battery supplier with 22 years of experience in the market. - Full range of battery categories for electric vehicles, two-wheelers, power tools, wireless smart home applications, wireless wearable applications, etc. - Supplies Tier 1 manufacturers around the world and distributes products through China, the EU, the US and India

Booth: SC-50

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