Language: English

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Date: 19-21 September 2017

Preliminary programme:

  • Worldwide Battery Market / Trends / New Technologies up to 2025.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Technology Training Seminar
  • Cell Chemistry and Technology Overview (Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion, Lead-Acid, LTO, NMC, Lithium Sulfur).
  • Battery Safety (UN Tests and New Standards)
  • Transportation Requirements for Lithium Batteries
  • Cell Manufacturers Roadmap
  • Future Generation Cells
  • Advances in Battery Development for Electric Drive Vehicles
  • EV and Hybrid Market Future Trends and Applications
  • Environmental Aspects and Economic Costs of Electric Vehicles
  • The Ageing of Batteries and the Second Life of Batteries
  • Functional Safety and Risk Management in Battery Design
  • Fast Charging Solutions and Their Impact on Battery and Infrastructure Design
  • Smart Grids within Public Electricity Infrastructure
  • Residential Energy Storage Solutions
  • Commercial and Grid Energy Storage Systems
  • Case Study: The Installation of Energy Storage System
  • Techno-Economic and Environmental Assessment of Li-Ion Energy Storage Technology.
  • Lifespan, Safety, Total Cost of Ownership: The Key Factors for Economic Energy Storage with Lithium-Ion
  • How to Use and Maintain Ebike Batteries
  • Case Study: E-bike Sharing Experience
  • Ebike Batteries Future Market Trends and Solutions
  • Ebikes and the Urban Environment
  • Subsidy Policy Across Cities in Europe
  • Ebike Application Review